Elite Field Hockey Club in Connecticut


An Intro to Indoor

Indoor Field Hockey is a great way to keep a stick in the hands in the winter months.  It was invented in Germany as a way to keep playing throughout the winter months. The field was modified to a gym court and rules were then consequently modified as well.

Here are two videos to help brush up on the rules. 

Hockey Heroes and FIH Indoor 

The game is played on a smaller, hard-surface court with sideboards that allow the players to bounce the balls off the sidewalls.  The ball moves very quickly on the hard court and is extremely demanding, hence it fine tunes the skills very quickly. 

There are only 5 players on a court and 1 goalkeeper, so 6v6 instead of 11v11.  Speaking of goal keepers, because the court is smaller there are a lot more shots on goal and the goal keeper is always challenged and focused- never ‘bored.’

Another rule that was modified, because we are contained in a smaller space, is that there is no hitting. There is also no lifting unless shooting on goal.  Anytime (reiterate any-time) the ball is lifted it is a foul, again - unless shooting on goal.   

Equipment is different. The stick is lighter and thinner because there is no hitting and the gym floor demands faster stickwork. Because there is no lifting, players on defense can block tackle with their left hand on the stick, which is why we require a left-hand glove.

We encourage your players to work hard, but be patient as they learn a new variation of this sport.