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If you are interested in participating in the USA Field Hockey Nexus program, please follow the link below.  





USA Field Hockey’s Futures program was established in 1990 as USA Field Hockey’s Olympic Development Pathway Program. Over the past 30 years, the game and landscape of field hockey in the United States has evolved and changed. Rule and equipment changes have made the game faster, more exciting than ever before. To better serve the needs of players, parents, coaches and the organization today, USA Field Hockey revamped and improved the schedule, curriculum and assessment criteria to establish a program that applies long-term development principles alignment with "The USA Way" so coaches and players across the country are focused on building a strong foundation for growth. The result: Nexus. Nexus, presented by Osaka Hockey, will help grow the game, serve and inspire members, and prepare the next United States players to lead, succeed and win in international competition.




nekÉ™s | noun - a connection or series of connections linking two or more things.  

Field hockey, like many team sports, is a game of connections, uniting skilled players and coaches to connect and collaborate to achieve a common goal. USA Field Hockey’s Nexus program, presented by Osaka Hockey, is designed to connect players to coaches - and players to players - to provide a fun, challenging, competitive experience within the long-term athlete development process. Field hockey is a beautifully simple and technical game. Training and practice are essential to mastering both basic and complex skills and concepts that serve as the foundation to confidently progress to the next level.


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