Field Hockey Club in Connecticut


Fairfield University Tournament  

Where: Fairfield University - 1073 North Benson Road Fairfield University 06824

University Field - Leeber Road 06824 


When:  June 26, 2021


Please have parents sign the attached waiver and initial line in red that states their child has either been vaccinated, has a negative test or no symptoms.

This is very important.  Parents will also have to download and complete the LiveSafe app:;!!KIFmrYtlezdzESbnm_I!WFJv3_w0OcyaSCT1CRvReclghknFvNHXwaGo54bbKZdIpiRGJ0glEln052cUK1claQ$


They should indicate that they are an invited visitor.  All players and parents coming on campus are required to show LiveSafe app.


CT Elite U14 

CT Elite U16 and U19 




Play hard. Have fun.